Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Keokradong : The 2nd maximum Hill in Bangladesh


Keokradong is the 2nd maximum pile involving Bangladesh.Keokradong is about 4,035 ft or 1,230 meters high from the sea level.It truly is tucked within 30km away from the Ruma sadar upazilla connected with Bandarban inside Bangladesh and  situated on the border between Bangladesh and Myanmar.

The following you can view quite a few little and major hills and mountains.This remote area is rich in natural beauty.This specific place is usually included along with dense jungles,birds and animals.It is the place of astonishing attractiveness.This natural beauty is surely attracts the mind of the adventurous people.During the winter season many adventurous tourist visit this place with great excitement.You will pleased with the shiny beauty of green hill, cool fountains, zigzag path, hilly road side, hide and seek game of clouds on the top of the hill.

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