Friday, September 13, 2013

Aogashima Volcano Japan:A Wonderful Island

Aogashima, a portion of the Izu Archipelago, lies two hundred miles south of Tokyo, in the Philippine Sea.It is a small, tropical volcanic island in the Philippine Sea .Aogashima іѕ a active volcanic island іn Japan. Aogashima is still considered an active Class-C volcano. It last erupted in the 1780′s. During the last erupted it killed nearly half of the island’s population and forced the remaining inhabitants to flee.

Now a days, several 200 brave villagers reside on this tropical island.Thе volcanic island οf Aogashima hаѕ a unique feature. Aogashima is a submarine volcano that has emerged from the sea and is part of a large crater whose outer rim height ranges from 200 m to 420 m in height.It’s believed that the island was formed by the overlapping remnants of at least four submarine calderas. Aogashima includes with the rims of the inner and outer craters.The southern coast rises to a sharp ridge forming one edge of a caldera.The caldera named Ikenosawa with a diameter of 1.5 km.The caldera is assumed by a secondary cone named Maruyama. Otonbu is the highest spot in the island , the peak of the rim of the outer crater at a height of 432 meters above sea level.It commands a panoramic view of the entire volcano in the Pacific Ocean.

It is a remote area.Transport system;only helicopter.The helicopter runs once a day and carries only a maximum of 9 passengers.Many times it gets cancelled due to heavy fog, depending on the season.For this reason Aogashima is still a rarely-visited island.Right now there isn’t much to do on Aogashima though, except enjoy the serenity of a tropical paradise.But if you want to about an active valcano,you must visit the Aogashima. This is really a natural paradise.The Aogashima  volcano might be in store for another eruption sometime soon. If you are not the kind to take risks, you might as well sit back and enjoy exciting pictures of this wonderful beauty of an island.