Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Kaptai Lake : Biggest artificial Lake in the south Asia

Kaptai Lake is  the largest man-made freshwater body in Bangladesh.This lake suitaded at Kaptai Upazela in Rangamati.  The natural queen, “Rangamati” is a district of Bangladesh in Chittagong division.This place is located at South-eastern side of Bangladesh. 

The area of Kapai lake is 11,000 km²,30m to deep. Kaptai Lake of Rangamati is one of the excellent tourist’s spots for the nature lovers. Kaptai Lake is the only place of the country to visit through out the year. It is an artificial Lake. Kaptai Lake is formed by Kaptai Dam  on the Karnaphuli River. 

 It is a consequence of Karnaphuli Hydro-Electric project. The  beauty of Kaptai Lake surely attracts you. The main attraction of Kaptai Lake tour is boat riding. This Lake with stiff hill will magnetize you by its beauty.

During the rainy season the lake expresses her full attraction.The tress becoming more and more greener,waterfalls are in full tide and the river Karnaphuli in her full tide. 

 Kaptai lake tour will be a memorable journey for your entire life.This lake give you so much joy over the years.It refresh your mind. This memory of boating up in Kaptai Lake and the combine majestic beauty of Kaptai Lake and stiff hill will give you future happiness and joy in your life.

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