Friday, January 18, 2013

Hakaluki Haor : The largest haor of Asia

Hakaluki Haor is situated in greater Sylhet division.It is one of Bangladesh's biggest and one of Asia’s larger Haor.The haor is consist with Kulaura, Juri and Baralekha upazilla under Moulovibazar district and Fenchuganj and Gopalganj upazillas under Sylhet district.

The total area of this haor is about 39322.422 hectors or 97166 acres.But during the rainy season its total area turns into 7000 hectors.Hakaluki Haor was an Ecologically Critical Area designated by the Director General of the Department of Environment. This haor is a protected Ramsar site of international importance for the conservation and sustainable utilization of wetlands.

The Hakaluke haor offers a very different type of ecosystem.The haor hakaluki is home of many kind of fishes,birds and animal.There are 107 species of fishes available here,according to IUCN report in 2008.But 75 species remain present day.Some species are:Chela,Dhela,Pabda,Lal chanda etc.People of this area mainly fisher man.And they uses mainly Dhorma jal,Thela jal and vesal jal for fishing.

Hakaluke Haor also home of many country bird and migratory birds.Every winter, tens thousands of guest birds of about 150 species from Siberian and other cold country flock to the haors.The One hundred and fifty species include Bright and Rose King-duck, Pati-duck, Bali Hash, Lenja, Chity, Sorali, Boikal, Nilshir Piyan, Pantamukhi, Pankouri, Buti-duck, China, Rangamuri, Black-duck, Peributhi, Chokachoki, Giria, Khonjona, Patari, Dolpipi, Water-hen, North-Giria, Dahuk, Patibatan, Common-chill, Cotton-Chill, Gergini, Cottontail, Pintail, Toughed Duck.

Its a best place for bird lovers.During the winter season huge number of bird swimming on water surface and flying over the haor area.Its really a mind blowing seen.

If you want to visit the Hakaluke Haor,winter season is the best time.There are very different experiences.During the rainy season it looks different.This time it takes juvenile and significance looks.Haors are flooded every year by the monsoon floods, and most hold some water completely the dry season. It looks like infinite water kingdom in rainy season.The tourist enjoys a good time fully artificial free life with nature. It completely refreshes your mind and body.

 You're traveling from Dhaka by bus services from Sayedabad Bus Terminal to Srimongal.Trains are available everyday from Kamalapur Railway station.Different categories of hotel are available in Maulvibazar town and srimongal for tourist.If you want,you can stay there and enjoy the beauty of Hakaluke Haor.


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