Friday, August 30, 2013

Marvel Cave of Chile

Within Patagonia, South USA, General Carrera Lake can be distributed by Argentina and Chile.But around the Chilean part in the gorgeous emerald-green in order to turquoise-blue water,there are sensational beautiful marble caves carved into passageways and caverns.

These kinds of remarkable pebble formations were being sculpted by erosion directly into about three major pebble formations  tend to be La Capilla (the Chapel), El Catedral (the Cathedral), and La Cueva (the Cave).Marble cave or cathedral is the main attraction of the lake Lago General Carrera in Chile.Another title with regard to most of these exciting caves is usually Las Cavernas de Marmol.It is one of ten deepest lakes in the world,its maximum depth is 586 meters.

This lake is known with the large quantity involving trout and salmon,and every year many tourists come here to fish, and of course to see the local landmark – the Marble Cathedral.Lake is of icy origin and is  encompassed by ridges of the Andes. From the lake follows the river Baker, which flows into the Pacific Ocean.This is an unusual place and is one of the most visited in Patagonia.

The impressive labyrinth of marble caves are large enough for a small boat to glide into.It is a natural heaven.I love this place.Visit this unspoiled natural wonder before progress changes it forever.

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